Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Most quality restaurants and pubs throughout Melbourne buy local fresh produce not only because it tastes better and looks great on a plate but it's also nutritional for our customers.

There's a high quality of goodness in locally produced foods that gives your body amazing nutritional benefits also making them easier for the body to digest. Have you ever eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner somewhere and by the end of it you just feel TOO FULL? well...yes, maybe you have eaten too much but also there's a high possibility that your stomach is having a chemical reaction "meltdown" to something in the food that was served to you.

Many highly processed foods and bulk gown crops have numerous added nasties and pesticides that you will never see. For instance did you know that over 100 pesticides are currently licensed and approved for spraying the humble lettuce in the agreement that they will be thoroughly washed before they are sold?

Here at The Avon Hotel Stratford we are proud to say that most of the fruit, veges and meat we buy are from local farmers in the Gippsland area who are organic growers or grass fed feeders meaning that you will get the best quality served meals from our chef every time.

In the end, our mission is to look after our farmers and support their local businesses by buying from them directly, but at the same time, we are also trying to look after you and your health!

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